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Born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1938 and emigrated to Canada in 1949. I lived in Thunder Bay ON till 1955 when I signed up in the Royal Canadian Signal Corps. While serving and learning, I spent a few years stationed in Europe and a six month tour in the Belgian Congo. Retired in 1978 and worked for the Federal Civil Service till 1985. In 1979 purchased the campground and in 1985 decided to work at it full time. It keeps me busy and improvements are made each year to keep the campground up to par.
My hobbies include fooling with computers, both hardware and programming. I have managed to build a set of custom programs for everything in campground operations. I also have my ham radio license (VE3COL) which gets little use during the summer months of campground operation. I also enjoy listening to good quality music and relaxing to a good movie or documentary on tv.

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